A different kind of wellness challenge

I mentioned in last week's newsletter that instead of focusing on #goals this fall I'm focusing on feelings. How do I want to feel--while working, at home, in my relationships, in my body, etc. And I'm trying to be really specific about it.

For example, I want to feel more connected with my son. I want to feel more energetic and motivated in the afternoon. I want my right knee to feel more stable and pain-free. I want to feel more light and playful.   

So how do I get those feelings? What are some little things I can do every day to help me feel this way? Why aren't I already doing those things, and how can I troubleshoot those barriers? How can I turn these actions into habits that fit seamlessly into my life?*

One thing I know is that implementing new healthy habits into your daily life is easier when you have a support group. So that's what I'm starting right here, today.

So let's do a feel-good challenge together. Here's how this works:

  1. First, take some time to get quiet and visualize how you want to feel--every day, most mornings, at work, or in whatever situation.
  2. What are a few things you could do (or stop doing) to feel that way? What little daily habits would support your feeling that way? List whatever you can think of. 
  3. Now review your list. Realistically, which of these do you think you could implement this fall? Maybe it's just one thing. That's okay!
  4. What are the barriers to doing that thing now? What can you do about them?
  5. Put the new habit(s) you want to start in your calendar or on your schedule--plan when and how you'll do it on the regular. Set up reminders if you need them. Put up post-it notes.
  6. Join me at Hot Shift on Facebook if you haven't already. Every day I'll start a new thread where you can report on how you're doing, if you want to, or share your frustrations and ask for help.

To make this a little more fun I'm going to select one of you at random for a prize: a perimenopause care package with soothing bath salts, tea, hot flash spray, and more. (If you're not 'pausing I'll tailor it for you some other way.) Just participate via Facebook or email at least once a week and I'll add your name to a hat. At the end of 90 days I'll draw a name at random.

Need help coming up with your challenge? Or with trouble-shooting your barriers? Don't do Facebook and want support some other way? Email me! info@hotshiftwoman.com. 

Let's do this for 90 days and see what happens!

*Okay, let's be real: it kind of sounds like I'm starting to talk about goals. Just a little bit. But it's going about goal-setting from a more authentic, intentional place. Because we often set health goals that are about what we think we should be doing, or what other people tell us we should do, right? And it gets hard to follow through when things get hard because we're not so emotionally connected with that goal. So by identifying how you want to feel and working backwards from there you know exactly why you're doing what you're doing. And you have a way to measure if it's working--one that really matters: Are you feeling closer to the way you want to feel?

And because wellness is not a destination (you've heard this, right?) this is more about creating the life you want, not so much achieving an outcome by a certain deadline.