How to open a window

It’s been another rough week for many of us. My new theme song for reading the news is Kamasi Washington’s Fists of Fury. I highly recommend it. 

I get discouraged and feel the bleakness just like everyone else, but it’s not a place I can stay in for very long. My partner jokes that I have a best-case-scenario bias. I often think things are going to work out--or more accurately, that we can figure out a way.

That’s probably why I took heart at this analysis of the Supreme Court’s decision on labor unions for public employees. The new Right to Work anti-union laws are kind of backfiring and actually invigorating unions--you’ll have to listen to the podcast to see why. Don’t get me wrong--I understand why this decision is a massive blow to the power of collective bargaining.  And yeah, Kennedy's announced retirement his hella awful news. But I’m also seeing resilience in this story.

The saying goes, when one door closes, a window opens. I say, when one door closes, we have to open that window ourselves, but there’s always a window. There is always a way. And if you can’t find a window, look around to your friends and allies because at least one of them has found it. Look for the helpers, as Mr. Rogers used to say. If we come together with good intentions, we will always find a way. And that is what I’m holding onto right now. None of us is in this alone.

Let’s find those windows, my friends. We can do it together.

Adriana Velez