CBD vs. Kava

Having cleverly figured out how much is too big a dose of CBD oil, I've since been working out the correct dosage. I started with one tiny drop, three times a day, morning, noon, and evening. That didn't seem to do much for me. And since it's not something I feel like I need every day anyway, I'm taking an as-needed approach. 

My ish is anxiety related to, well, you name it. ADHD, perimenopause, PMS, life. Mostly it's the non-functional anxiety, that tight feeling of static that makes me feel not-okay for no apparent reason. So when I'm feeling that way I'll take 4-5 drops, and that seems to help.

Two things I avoid when I have CBD in my system: Drinking alcohol or driving. Just to be on the safe side.

What CBD doesn't seem to help with, for me, anyway, is sleep. That's fine, because I usually sleep like the dead on my own. But for some Sunday nights when I've thrown my circadian rhythm off I'll take kava. I've been using a micronized variety called Vula Waka from a company called Kalm with Kava, and it's the bomb. (Micronized means it's prepared to dissolve in a liquid instantly, rather than needing to be strained. I spent a lot of time on Reddit to figure out what to get.) This is not a sponsored post, by the way--I'm just a fan. Of kava, not Reddit.

I just want to add that with kava there's a reverse tolerance where you need to start with a larger dose, and then with subsequent uses you work your way to smaller doses until you find your baseline amount. Maybe step into a kava bar and get some guidance with that process.

And finally, yes, it tastes awful. I consider its effects worth the total gack.