A week or two of dinners 5.19.17

Oh man, I don't even remember what I made, when. But here's some ideas.

What do I do with these fresh chickpeas?

These seem like a good idea until it comes time to peel them all. Raw fresh chickpeas taste a bit like raw green peas, but a bit starchier and not as sweet. You can steam them in the shell, salt, and eat like edemame (not my thing). You can make hummus with them. I toasted some last night with salt and paprika to top a salad and liked that. But I kind of agree with Sarah Jampel of Food52 that they're a bit overrated. You're not going to get the same payoff you get for dealing with fresh fava beans.

Laziest wine-braised lamb shanks

Groceries: Bone-in lamb shanks, wine, tomato, harissa, garlic, rosemary

Are you busy? Do you have things to do? Brown a couple of salted lamb shanks in an Instant Pot and then pour in about a cup of red wine, toss in a hand-crushed tomato, a couple tablespoons of harissa, some garlic, and throw a wad of rosemary on top. Pressure cook that baby for an hour or so. The meat will fall off the bone. Strain the sauce over it. 

Ottolenghi-lite kofta

Groceries: Ground beef, ramps or garlic, pine nuts, parsley, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, red pepper flakes, olive oil, tahini, lemon juice

Ottolenghi recipes are notoriously complicated so I'm always simplifying for the busy weeknight cook. Combine the beef, minced ramps or garlic (I think we've seen the last of the ramps, actually), a handful of pine nuts, chopped parsley, and spices. Roll it into balls and then broil them all at once (couple minutes each side). For a sauce I whisked some olive oil with tahini and lemon juice. Use whatever proportions appeal to you.

I guess we ate out a lot these last couple weeks?