My Menofesto


menopause sneaks up on you…

We don’t see it coming because we think of menopause as something that happens to old ladies, not women in their mid-40s or early 50s,! And because it’s so taboo, because so few of us talk openly about it, we don’t know what to expect. Hot flashes? Sure. But the surprise weight gain, the rages, the depression, the fatigue, the crazy-out-of-control periods--who warned us about that? Why is it so hard to find relief?

Maybe you miss your old self. Maybe you want her back again.

But here's the thing...

More and more women are talking--openly--about menopause. We’re sharing remedies for relief. We’re telling our stories. We’re supporting each other through this passage.

The thing is, perimenopause is one of the most important rites of passage in our lives. It’s our second adolescence, and so much more. This is the fire we walk through on the way to finding our new selves, the selves that will carry us into the next stage of life.   

This is a movement.

I am part of this movement. We are honoring our wisdom and power and midlife. Will you join us?

Here at Hot Shift you'll find resources, tips on how to make yourself more comfortable through this passage, news about research and treatments, women's stories, and more.

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