Find a Menopause doctor 

One thing I'm hearing from a lot of you is that your doctor is No. Help. At. All.

So if you'd like to find a doctor who does know squat, you may want to check out this menopause practitioner search tool. These are doctors certified by the North American Menopause Society and/or who are members of NAMS.

No one near you? No problem. Find a telehealth menopause practitioner via Genneve and Rory.

Coaches & other PRACTITIONERS

Because I’m not the only one doing this work, and coaching is super personal: other menopause coaches

  • Amanda Thebe of FitnChips. She comes with a physical trainer background.

  • Tania Elfersy of The Wiser Woman. All about the natural. Great glasses.

How’s your pelvic floor health? If you’ve got some leakage happening, or maybe pain during sex, you might want to work with a pelvic floor specialist. I can recommend Marina Castellanos, MPT.

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