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Hi, I’m Adriana. What can I do for you?


Hot Shift is a container for exploring and learning about this seismic shift if your life, this second puberty: perimenopause, menopause, and the years beyond.

I’ve curated some helpful information to help you understand what’s going on and how you can best care for yourself during this stage. You can learn more by subscribing to my weekly newsletter

Need more personalized help? I can create a custom protocol for thriving through perimenopause—just for you.

Hey, I believe it's important that every woman understand menopause. And it's my mission to erase the taboo surrounding menopause so we can talk openly about it, find solutions to its discomforts, and uncover the wisdom and vitality that lives within each of us lucky enough to live to this stage of life.

Because I love all things health and wellness and have earned a health coach certification with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition; but because I’m obsessed with menopause I have earned a Third Age Woman Instruction certification with Burrell Education, and I continue my education every day.

Other stuff about me:

I'm also a freelance writer.

I grew up outside Denver, Colorado, went to Brigham Young University, earned my master's degree from Hunter College, and spent most of my adult life in Brooklyn. I currently live with my husband and son in Westchester County.

When I'm not writing or coaching I'm lifting heavy things, rolling out my muscles, doing yoga, taking gymnastics, taking long walks, meditating, tending my plant pets, taking long baths, or cooking dinner. I like your hair.